We reserve the right to remove comments and/or links from the d’Verse poets pub website for the following reasons:
  • malicious comments made to or about participants in d’Verse Poet Pub, whether past or present.
  • linked webpages that do not pertain to a given prompt
  • advertising products, services or other online activities that have no relation to d’Verse Poets Pub without written authorization of the owners.
Thank You.

15 thoughts on “d’Rules”

  1. Outstanding rules..

  2. Hi! Brian and Claudia…
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;)

  3. Will try to abide. HEY! What a NEAT-O place here! Thank you Peeps!

  4. iblogmoore said:

    what about a badge? something to put into our posts?

  5. This bar is neato ~ just give me a mojito
    Cheers, Jo x

  6. so happy to be here..:) its a lovely site!

  7. I submitted earlier today, but suspect that I’m too wide of the prompt. If so, let me know and I’ll get my coat.

  8. Sounds a promising place to post poetry

  9. Brian, those are the most gracious rules I have seen to date on any poetry forum, Bravo!


  10. Hello, everyone. To whomever is bartending at the moment, a question: What are your feelings on a reblog? I wouldn’t do it normally, but Hedgewitch’s catalogue of your menu is a useful thing to spread around. Let me know.

    Thank you for being such a great local to such a widespread ‘clientele’.


  11. Dear Bartenders,

    It is SO “me” that I have been posting to this site almost since it began and, only now, well into 2013, have I even bothered to check the rules.

    As in life, so it is with poetry.

    I feel blessed to be on the page each week with so many mind-blowing poets, especially you two, Brian and Claudia. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox! Don’t need to leave a comment, because, like any good manic depressive, I will not come back to see the reply, ha ha ha. Love you all, Amy

  12. Please how can I submit a post?

  13. 1st Entry today – heard of you guys and this is my visit. Great site. “I’ll have a Sav Blanc please” :-)

  14. Hello everyone here. I really like this site and I will soon start submitting my entries here . :)

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