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If we listen closely we can hear it – there is conversation everywhere, a continuous flow of call & response. We say things and we do things, and it never falls on neutral ground but always creates a reaction of whatever kind.

You may know that I’m a Saxophone player and one of my favorite pieces is the one I’m posting below – “Lily was here”, played by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and a breath-taking Candy Dulfer.

Why do I love this piece so much? I love it because there is a conversation, a story.. listen how it develops… started by Dave.. and Candy responds, adapting to his voice, picking up his beat, his tunes but in her own unique style…then it’s getting more passionate, she’s getting passionate and he lets her fly…provides her with a carpet to soar upon and then he brings her back again and she lets him, gives in until they’re there together again, same level, one voice. There’s so much going on in this piece and I have listened to it again and again, each time discovering new shades and nuances.

So today’s poetic challenge is to write a call & response poem, a poem with two or more people interacting – verbal or nonverbal.

A very popular example for a conversation poem might be Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s Erlking – click on the above link to read, but scroll down and read the second version, think it comes closer to the german original..
Another great example is Anton Gourman’s “Tea and poppy rolls” – highly recommend the read..

So.. are you inspired and ready to go..? Then let’s do it…create or capture some characters, let them talk, let them show us their emotions, make us curious, make us feel them.. and tell us their story..

Here’s how it works…

    • Write your poem
    • Post it on your blog
    • Click the Mr. Linky button below, and in the new window that opens up input your name and direct url of the poem.
    • Visit others who have taken the challenge.
    • Have fun..!