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glass photo by Jjb@nalog on Flickr

On Sunday afternoons, growing up, I could most often be found at my cousins house…or more appropriately in the woods around my cousins. We would explore for hours and travel many a mile in search of…well we really did not know until we found it. About a mile from my cousins house there was a rusty old barb wire fence. Even as I write this I can finger the 12 inch scar down my right leg to remember it. When we crossed thta fence we dreamed we were in another place and another time. The cicadas and crickets always hummed and the sound added to the feeling of transport.

We found an old abandoned house which became our base camp and also the holder of our treasures…bones, chunks of metal, buttons, bullets, an old creepy eyed doll. We would discuss life, the unexplained and other things that grew us up. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are held in those adventures. Today I want you to cross that fence with me because we are the chroniclers of our history, those willing to put pen to paper and capture moments, no matter how seemingly insignificant and making them epic. We are the philosophers that makes sense of it. We are poets penning words in ways to awaken imagination and put us in the middle of it.

Welcome to Poetics, my name is Brian Miller and I will be your host today as we journey back in time exploring our rich history through verse. That is right, today we will be writing about a moment in history, a character from our history, an event…and it does not matter how far or near back you go. You get to set the date on the Way-back machine. It could be personal history, national or world history or how you interact with it. Maybe you even have a twisted rewrite of history~our tampering with time can be rather drastic…one dropped button might throw the world in revolution.

The topic is wide open and waiting so watch the sands of the hourglass spring up through the lip into the top, the months fly back on the calendar…let’s write some poetry.

Here is how this works:

  • Write a ‘history’ poem
  • Post it on your blog or webpage
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below, and in the new window that opens up input your name and direct url of the poem
  • Have fun and visit others who have taken the challenge. You know me, I am all about relationships & interaction. If you have no intention of visiting anyone else…go find somewhere else to play. You really are doing us no favors in linking. We are trying to build community here, not just feed someones pride. Smiles.
  • Share via your favorite social media platforms

Alright poets, looking forward to jumping the time stream with you. See you out on the trail. ~Brian