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If someone asked me what I would compare our weekly OpenLinkNight with, I think I would compare it with a city trip.

When you go to a city for the first time, there are things you should definitely see cause your travel guide says so.

Then, there are places that you want to see, maybe because someone you know has recommended them.

And then there’s stuff, that you discover as you go, a little museum in a side street, a gallery with paintings, you fall in love with on first sight or a charming street café with the sun playing hide and seek between the bistro tables.

The most interesting for me though are the people, the long haired guy in the gallery that threw a coin because he didn’t know which sculpture to buy.  I saw it and was so surprised that I stopped and talked to him. Or the pale woman with the bright red lipstick in the shade of a church porch– I just stared at her cause she looked beautiful and a bit out of place, the homeless on the bench next to me who spellbound me with his eyes cause I saw something in them that I was missing at this moment.

All you need is an open mind, adventure lust and a bit of time and energy to climb those stairs to see if the view is really as good as you think it could be– but then– such an OpenLinkNight can take you almost everywhere–

Ready to discover– ?

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