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The cool thing about twitter is, that you constantly stumble upon lots of interesting people. A while ago, I found Borg de Nobel, a dutch painter in the twitter stream, checked her website and thought it would be cool to invite her to the pub with some of her paintings and have us write poems, inspired by her artwork. So below you find a selection of her paintings. It was no easy choice, changed my mind a hundred times and also asked Borg to pick one that she would like people to write poems about it. So “Working Still” is her choice. Feel free to use the pics on your blog, but please give her credit for her work by mentioning her full name and linking back to her website: http://borgeous.wordpress.com/

I asked her to tell us a bit about her background, work and life, the things that inspire her and this is what she says:

I live on a sailingship just up from Amsterdam but am gypsy by nature, i have 2 studio’s, 1 in Monnickendam and 1 in Hungary. I have always drawn and painted but choose to become a professional painter when i was 18.

My first inspiration has been my blind brother, i have always been on a quest as to find out if you can tell or paint for this matter what you can’t see…In my paintings this is still apparent. Other inspirations are, facts of life, buildings, paintings, nature, dreams, my own headspace, animals and the sheer pleasure of looking.

I tend to start with a color rather then a material..tho i use oilpaint the most because i love the smell and the slowness of it, it doesn’t dry so quick so i can change shapes and transparancies. I use oilpaint stick a lot too because it combines drawing and painting very nicely. Litteraly i paint with anything that can be called paint, lest it be fluid and contain color.

One of my big painter heroes is Jean Michel Basqiat, he’s my generation, my league, he feels like brother to me. When i see his work i want to paint. I would have loved to be in his studio for a day when he were still alive. Unfortunately he died in 1987, i am realy curious what paintings he would make now…

Then there’s the Kooning and Baselitz and Rembrandt and Palladino and Cy Twombly but furthermore a whole lot of less well known painters like Karen Black & Erna Reiken

Next to painting i love to do nothing, i love to sit and just be, look at the sky, look at the world, look at things and trees and cats.

Traveling is my second nature and i love to read and write in my journal, that keeps me sane. I love to work in my garden in Hungary and drink a beer or two 😉

Also i love to just make things and build things, on the ship theres plenty of room for that!

I have learned as a painter to never ever be scared of an empty canvas or even an empty space, tread tread tread where you can there’s always more in emptiness, dare to look at what you really see, your hands will follow…

Kind regards & a lot of fun!

Borg de Nobel

Two Parts of the Road as a Whole by Borg de Nobel / http://borgeous.wordpress.com / used with permission /

Working Still by Borg de Nobel / http://borgeous.wordpress.com/ used with permission /

Dreamhopper by Borg de Nobel / http://borgeous.wordpress.com / used with permission /

Bottles by Borg de Nobel / http://borgeous.wordpress.com / used with permission /

Here’s how it works…

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