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photo by uww619a

photo by uww619a

There is a monster at the end of this.

Perhaps it is a nice monster. One that is cute & cuddly and we don’t have to be afraid of. Maybe it’s nice, like Grover.

Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s scary or hides under the bed until all the lights are out.

Maybe it’s human. Maybe it’s not. All I know is that at the end of this….there is a monster.

Is it hairy with big teeth? What does it eat? Me? I hope not, but…

Perhaps if you stop reading this and don’t write about monsters then there won’t be any monsters.

Wait, you are still reading…that must mean we will be meeting the monster at the end of this. Maybe it is a monster of our own creation. Whether we intended it to be one or not…

Perhaps if I stop typing we will not meet the monster at the end of this…

Ok, I guess if I can’t stop you…

Ha, did you ever read the Sesame Street book “The monster at the end of this book?” I found a copy as I was thinking about our topic this week for Poetics. My name is Brian Miller and I will be your host this week. Have fun writing about a monster. Make them nice, scary, whatever form your monsters take.

Then click that link at the bottom to meet the monster at the end of this…smiles.

If you are new here:

  • write a poem about monsters and post it to your webpag.e
  • click the Mr Linky button below and enter the direct URL to your poem.
  • this is where you will find the list of other participants – go visit them, tell them what you felt when you read, what you linked about their piece.
  • promote your piece on the social media of your choice, if you include the tag @dversepoets it makes it easier for us to promote you as well.
  • have fun

Hope the weather is nice in your neck of the woods…and watch out, I hear there is a monster if you click the link below….