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Good afternoon, Poets! Today I would like you to have a look around your home for treasures.  No, I am not talking about diamonds and rubies, valuable coins, fine linen, original artwork, or first edition old manuscripts.   I am thinking of those family treasures, or individual treasures, those things that have stayed with you or in your family, things that have sentimental value more than anything.

I would guess that you, like me, will have many items to choose from if you take a look.

Some of the items I have may trigger your own thoughts.

…an uncle’s very old unworking pocket watch
…my dad’s special jack-knife



…a photo album of pictures I took when I was a kid with my first camera.
…a rocking chair that belonged to my mother when she was a child.

…a stuffed dog from my toddler days.
…”Golden” books from my childhood.

IMG_1473 2

…Legos I bought for my grandchildren, which they now have outgrown.
…my first teacher’s contract
…a beer stein I bought on my first trip to Germany



When you find (or think of ) an interesting item from the past, one that has some meaning to you, use it to inspire a poem in any way that comes to your mind.  And, if possible, share a photo as well.

Some ideas:

…..If it is a treasured item from your past (such as my Golden Book), share some memories:  Where and when did you get it?  How long did you really use it?  When did you put it ‘away’ from view?  Why do you still keep this item from the distant past?  What is its future?  Etc.

…..If it is a treasured item from someone else (such as my dad’s jack-knife):  What do you know about its history?  How did you happen to acquire it?  What does it mean to you?  Where do you keep it? What is its future?  Etc.

…..Or perhaps write as if you ARE the book, the old toy, the rocking chair.  What story could you tell?  Where have you been all these years? How would you like to be remembered?  Is this how you envisioned your life?

…..Or perhaps write TO your treasure.  Or write a back and forth conversation between yourself and the ‘treasure,’ or perhaps a conversation between two of your meaningful items from the past.

I look forward to reading  poetry, and I hope you do too!

What to do next:

• Post your poem to your blog

• Add a link to your poem via the ‘Mr Linky’ below

• Read and comment on other people’s work to let them know it’s being read

• Share via your favorite social media platforms

• Above all- have fun!