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“The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation.” —  Benjamin D’Israeli

Good day, Poets. Today for Poetics we are going to write poems that make use of quotations .

Find a quotation that stirs you. It can be a passage from a book, a line or stanza from a poem, a line from a letter, a statistic from a newspaper. Use this as a springboard for your poem. Explore your own thoughts, dreams, philosophies, experiences. Wherever you go from your quotation is fine. You can use the quotation at the beginning of your poem, in the body of your poem, or at the end of your poem. The choice is yours.

Or approach this prompt in a different way.  First write your poem, and after writing it look for a quotation that fits the poem, and include it under your poems title.    Or approach the prompt in yet another way.  Find a picture or photo that speaks to you.  Write a poem about the picture, THEN look for the quote.  Or find a picture you like, then find a quote, and then write your poem.

Glenn Buttkus, a dVerse poet who blogs at Feel Free to Read is a poet who often shares a relevant quotation at the beginning of his poem. If you explore his blog, you will see how masterfully he uses quotations. Let me suggest a few poems for you to look at: America’s Diner and Send in the Clowns. However, since he most often begins with a quotation, you can just explore his blog.

Another poet who used a quotation in a recent poem is Carrie van Horn who posts at Hope Whispers.  Take a look at her poem Like the Deep and Distant Sea.

Also consider this poem of Gabriella’s, at Gabriella’s Writing Corner:  Thumb Kids.

Here are even two examples from my own blog, In the Corner of My Eye: Legacy and Belgian Bikers.

If you want to look for a quotation online, there are many quotation sites. One I like is Brainy Quotes. Another is Goodreads Quotes. Then again, you may have your own favorite.

I look forward to reading some good poetry, and I hope you do too!

What to do after you have written:

• Post your poem to your blog

• Add a link to your poem via the ‘Mr Linky’ below

• Read and comment on other people’s work to let them know it’s being read

• Share via your favorite social media platforms

• Above all- have fun!