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photo by Thor

As poets, we have to be respecters of the words. They bring what is captured in our dreams, what our imagination springs, to life on the page. We may use them, but in many ways we are slave to them as well. They play with us at times, refusing to bend to our will—refusing to say the things we want. They even leave us at times when we need them most.

When my mother in law passed away, I could hardly find the words to pray.

I have stood in forests barefoot and felt the earth move, but no words will capture the shiver that ran my skin.

A sunset—our words pale in it’s light.

In my reading, I came upon and intriguing poem by Jacqueline Berger, entitled The Failure of Language. Follow the link to read the full piece, but here is an excerpt, the opening lines:

First day of class, I ask the students, by way
of introduction, what they believe:
Language is our best tool, or language fails
to express what we know and feel.

(excerpt from The Failure of Language by Jacqueline Berger)

So what do you believe of language? which is it? the best tool? does language fail?

Answer that, or perhaps tell us a time language failed you. or maybe when you found just the right words.

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  • Have fun.

See you out on the trail. ~Brian