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Today for Poetics I hope each of you will be inspired to write a NEW poem by contemplating ‘winners and / or losers.” Every day of our life there are examples of winners and losers. What does it really mean if a person says, “He’s a real winner” or “He’s a real loser.” Has anyone described you are a winner or loser? If so, why? And how did it feel? Have you ever felt as if you really hit the jackpot? What have you won? What have you lost?

Recently in the United States we had our mid-term elections; and as always there were those who won and those who lost. Both the football season and the basketball season here are underway. Many people have a favorite team, and when that team wins they are ecstatic and when the team loses they are down-hearted. I remember when my daughters were in high school and entered forensic and orchestra competitions. They worked hard to attain a blue ribbon or a little trophy. Sometimes they did, and sometimes they did not. I am sure some of us play cards, chess, tennis, golf, video games. Sometimes we win, often we lose. Describe a game you played or witnessed, its result. Did you learn anything? And, of course, there are winners and losers in war.  And, of course, the Olympics!



Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a winner and a loser? I have often wondered if there was a ‘winner’ mentality in people. I read an article which listed some qualities of winners. Some are: Winners are driven, winners take responsibility, winners are eager to learn, winners are positive thinkers, winners are humble. If the subject interests you, the rest of the article can be found here.

And I found another article which discussed qualities of losers. Here are some: Inhibited integrity, unnecessary gossip and slander, chronic pessimism, pass an injured man, no ambition, mean and hateful, quit before you sweat, closed mindedness. For more information, click here.

Ernest Hemingway wrote a book called Winner Take Nothing. Perhaps that title will inspire your poem.


Think about the words of Joe Gibbs: “Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners.”

Contemplate the words of Michelangelo Sans: “Time has a habit of changing hands the trophy.”

Consider the words of former football coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi: “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.”

Reflect on the wisdom of Donald Trump:  “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.”

Whatever idea comes to you, go for it. Each of us who writes today will be a winner…most importantly in his/her own eyes!

What to do after you have written:

• Post your poem to your blog

• Add a link to your poem via the ‘Mr Linky’ below

• Read and comment on other people’s work to let them know it’s being read

• Share via your favorite social media platforms

• Above all- have fun!