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dverselogoLast week, Anna called me out in the comments in a playful way. She called me on something that I have a bit of a history of doing….
Today I am going to ask some of you to do something that makes you uncomfortable.
Today I am going to ask you to do something that may give some of you a bit of hope.
Today were are going to break things—
& through that hopefully enter in to—-
                                                       form poetry.
Below you will find a list of a few of the forms that we have done here at dverse…if you follow the link with each of them there is some wonderful instruction on how to do form from one of our pubtenders. If you dont see the one you are looking for, click the FormForAll link in the sidebar and look through.
Pick a form and write to it….and break it, make it your own — innovate…
Perhaps it is as simple as taking a haiku and making it a 7-7-7 syllable count…or a cleave poem where you entwine the columns making it a helix (which I really want to try but haven’t)
This is how new forms are made out of the old. Not to take away from the old but pay homage to it.
An example is Haiku. American sentences were born out of haiku. The tenWord form I created was a play on American sentences.
The trick to breaking form is making it look similar to the form that you are breaking, so no paragraph haiku out there…that would be too different. Ha.
So write to a form, break it, make it your own. No need to give it a fancy name, just innovate…have fun and make it your own.
  • Write a poem to the prompt and post it to your webpage
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name and URL for your poem
  • There you will find others that have taken the challenge, read them, let you know what you appreciate about what they wrote or make suggestions
  • Have fun.

See you out on the trail.