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Photo used with Permission of Loredana Donovan

A major holiday season is fast approaching.  When holidays occur, sometimes I become reflective and think about not only what I look forward to in the weeks ahead but also what or who I miss.  How about you?  Sometimes I think nostalgically about the way holidays were celebrated in my childhood.  Sometimes I think about people from the past who are no longer living or who have moved on (or I have) so I don’t see them any more.  Sometimes I think about experiences that I enjoyed, such as baking Christmas cookies with my mother,  that I sometimes wish I could experience again……just one more time.     It really does not have to be a holiday season either that causes me to think about what or who I miss.  The feelings of missing can really pop up at any time of year.  If I let my mind wander, I miss so many things………  How about you?

A while ago I was struck by a poem by Loredana Donovan, who blogs at Blogging Away.  In fact, it was her poem “who do you miss” that inspired this prompt.  Kindly, she also gave me permission to use the photo she used in her poem.    She mentioned that she had seen the board in the photo while  in Grand Central Station in New York City.  People stopped to write on this board.  But within a day it was gone.  I was very moved by this & wondered what one word I would write.

So take a look at the photo above, take a look at Loredana’s poem.  Think about who or what YOU miss.  And write a poem!

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