This is our fourth haibun Monday. If you have not participated before, please check out our first one we had in September. That will give you some information about the haibun form.

Each time we will use different ways to trigger inspiration. and today I am using four photos to, hopefully, inspire you.  Choose one of them.  They all have a common theme of ‘water,’ but I think within each picture there are various interesting details on which you might be able to focus when writing your haibun.  It doesn’t have to be the water aspect that you notice.  It can be the fountain, little boat, the umbrella, the forest in the background, the chairs at the beach, or whatever else you see.

Hopefully when you have written your haibun both the prose and the haiku will each work by themselves; but when combined you will achieve something larger than the separate units.

Here are the photos I’d like you to choose from.

Door County, Wisconsin, on shore of Green Bay

Door County, Wisconsin, on Shore of Green Bay

New York City Umbrella Scene

New York City Umbrella Scene


Young Boy Sailing His Boat on pond near the Louvre in Paris

Young Boy Sailing His Boat on pond near the Louvre in Paris


Contemplative Man on the banks of the Mississiippi River in Dubuque, Iowa

Contemplative Man on the banks of the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa

Once you have decided on a photo, let yourself get lost in it.  Find your own prose first, or start with a haiku.  What emotions does the photo evoke in you? Spend some time with it.  Flow with it, and see what you come up with.

You are welcome to use one of these photos in your haibun.  In fact, I hope you do.  But, as they are my photos, please attribute me if you use one.

Try to keep your haibun (which must be inspired by one of these photos to be used for our 4th haibun Monday) reasonable in length, and use one single haiku at the end. Please also link BACK to dVerse.

Remember the prompt is open for a whole week, so there is plenty of time to write, read and comment on everyone. Come back often to see what’s new.  When you are ready to post your haibun:

  • Enter a link directly to your poem and your name by clicking Mr. Linky below
  • Leave a small comment below, and participate in our discussions.
  • There you will find links to other poets, and more will join during the next 48 hours
  • Read and comment on other poets’ work, as we all go here to have our poems read
  • Promote your site and poetry you like on social media of your choice
  • Have fun