Open Link #180


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Hello Poets, friends and visitor,

Today it’s Autumn Equinox, and I know we have been talking about it for many days already. I know that many of you still have summer, while other have started to feel that fall is coming. For me it’s more the light that is disappearing. It seems just a few weeks ago that I was sitting here with you at 9 PM with full daylight. Now when I look out it’s completely dark. For those of you who are visiting from the southern hemisphere you are now having spring. For all us these are times of change.

In many cultures this time of the year is a time of autumn festivals. In China the mid-autumn festival has passed (being tied to the moon it was last week instead of today). Neopagans might celebrate mabon, maybe as described as Annie Finch:

Anyway today at Open Link it is allowed to link up any poem that you like, it could be a new one, it can be an old one, or it could be one where you use any of our previous prompts.

If you have missed any of the prompts since the last OLN here are some where you can seek inspiration.

Take me along – Recount some travels you have made.
The Clerihaw – Amuse us with some humor in a short rhyming poem, or
Feathers – Poetry about feathers.

When you have selected or written your poem and posted it to your blog, click on the Mr-Linky below and add your link to the rest of the poem. Please also leave a link back to us, we are a community that would love to grow. It’s greatly appreciated if you spend some time here at the bar taking part in the conversation. Then proceed to read as many as you can of the other poems. Remember, there are only two ways to grow as a poet, reading and writing… and of course it’s expected that you leave a comment on the poems you visit. But most of all….. have fun.

Also remember that every linkup is a possibility to be selected for the dVerse anthology.