This is our regular posting schedule and will be updated periodically.  Monday will be an alternate of Haibun Monday and Quadrille (44 word count limit).    Tuesday is reserved for Poetics, while Thursday alternate with OpenLinkNight, and Meeting the Bar/Poetry Forms. Our posts go on live starting at 3pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

March 2019

Quadrille                         March 10,25

Haibun Monday                March 4

Poetics (Every Tuesday)   March 5,12,19,26

OpenLinkNight                March 7, 21

Meeting the Bar/Form      March 14,28


April 2019

Quadrille                         April 8,22

Haibun Monday                April 1,15

Poetics (Every Tuesday)    April 2,9,16,23,30

OpenLinkNight                 April 4,18

Meeting the Bar/Form       April 11,25


May 2019

Quadrille                         May 6,20

Haibun Monday                May 27

Poetics (Every Tuesday)    May 7,14,21,28

OpenLinkNight                 May 2,16

Meeting the Bar/Form      May 9,23