This is us

Wood, worn, chipped, yet polished. Warm, the mood between shadows and pockets of soft light around tables. Music, but voice only, buzzes, smile to smile, eye to eye, some blue, green, brown. Some loud, some soft, some hard, some light. A spotlight centers on a stage, reflecting in the silver skin of a lone mic.

From the back, “Hey, glad you are here, Welcome to d’Verse.”

D’verse Poets Pub is a place for poets and writers to gather to celebrate poetry. We are many voices, but one song. Our goal is to celebrate; poets, verse & the difference it can make in the world. To discover poetry’s many facets and revel in it’s beauty, even when ugly at times.

People enter, people exit but we hope you stick around long enough for us to get to know each other and that you walk away inspired to write.

We have three opportunities each week for you to take the stage and mingle with your fellow poets:

  • Haibun Monday – We start the week with combining prose & poetry challenge, via haibun.  Try your hand in haibun, and see where it takes you.   This Monday feature alternates with Quadrille.
  • Quadrille – is our 44 word count challenge based on a definition of a given word.  This Monday feature alternates with Haibun Monday.
  • Poetics – is all about inspiration. You will write about a provided prompt, whether music, art, photography, quotes or other challenges. Poetics opens at 3 pm EST on Tuesday.
  • FormForAll/Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft – is our lab, where you will receive teaching on poetry forms and critique. This is where we hone our skills. FormForAll and Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft opens at 3pm EST on Thursday.
  • OpenLinkNight – is our large gathering where you link any poem you would like. This is a great place to meet and hear new voices. The new schedule of OpenLinkNight is 3 pm EST Thursday, alternating with FormForAll/Meeting the Bar.

In addition we give you interesting articles about what we are all on fire about: Poetry.

We are open to your ideas for future expansion of our line up. If you have an idea and are willing to commit the energy to make it happen, please email us at

We are glad you are here. Enjoy.

69 thoughts on “This is us”

  1. And we are SO glad you are here, fantastic!! This poet’s a humming! 🙂

  2. Me too!

    Love the introduction and line up of activities. I am glad you are putting in the education / learning side to this as well.

    Can’t wait to meet everyone ~

  3. Hi Everyone. So happy we have a place to meet, toast, talk, have fun and learn! It’s so exciting. It’s a party and I’m happy for the invite! Hope you are too!

  4. I’m really excited for this!

  5. Hi! Brian and Claudia…
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂

  6. Wow 🙂
    This sounds to be amazing 🙂

  7. Sounds uber exciting!! And yes, I am all set to verse in here!!


  8. One day to go!

  9. anxiously awaiting! ♥ sounds FABulous!

  10. I’m new to online poetry communities. Not new to poetry — it’s in my blood, but sadly I’ve suppressed its call for too many years. I’m very excited to have found this friendly poets pub on the day of its opening.

  11. I say, cautiously..hello

  12. This is excellent! Any chance you can do email reminders on the days it’s going on??

  13. Just got tapped on the shoulder that there’s a new pub open, so sorry I missed opening night. But I’m here now, and the next round’s on me! …Congratulations on the new digs!

  14. It is never easy for me, to get what the requirement or the link page is to start of with
    So lets just say, I am working my way around the site to get a feel of it

  15. sounds cool! A friend suggested I check out what y’all are doing here– i’ll stop back on Tuesday w/ a link.

  16. So happy you are providing this forum!!! YaY!!!

  17. HELOOOOOOO!!!! Bloody hell when did this happen and where’s my g and t barman! 😀 Great that you’re here and look forward to mingling a little with you folks over the bar 😉

  18. Glad I found you guys:) how fun:)

  19. Well what can I say – a pub dedicated to poetry – my idea of Utopia. I hope you serve good English ale :-)…

  20. This Pub has a warm sophisticated feel to it. Just love it!

    California Ink in Motion

  21. What a great Pub, and within walking distance. 🙂

  22. Hello there.

  23. A cool, rainy evening here in our neck of the woods. A good night to cozy up to a fire and read some good poetry!

  24. Thanks for the kick I have been needing.

  25. hi, this may sound like a silly question… i just found this site tonight, and i’m looking for the actual links to the poems submitted, and i can’t seem to find them. am i missing something?

    • Click on most of the other d’Verse dates and at the bottom you will see the Mr. Linkey box that you can click on to connect with the people and poems that were written. If it is a new prompt, you can load your prompt in there as well. Welcome!

  26. thepoetdaniel said:

    Revolutionary Greetings!
    Poet on the set. Not sure what this site is all about, but I guess I find out since I am now following you. I look forward to contributing some of my work here in the future. Peace and Love.

  27. Great to see you guys here. I used to love the one stop poetry site. I was so disappointed the site shut down. Only recently my friend Leo (Vinay) told me you folks have moved here. Great to re-discover you guys. Hope to once again start learning about poetry and start writing poetry again.

  28. Lovely. This is just the kind of thing i was hoping to find.

  29. I’m so happy to have chanced upon your site. 🙂

  30. This goes well with guacamole. Glad we found each other!

  31. Hey, lovely to be here. There’s not any restrictions on the type of poetry, is there? I’ve been doing a lot of performance poetry lately…

  32. I just passed the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to YOU! Congratulations! Read about it here: All you have to do is share seven things about yourself, then list your award winners.

    I am thrilled to be a part of Open Link Night – Week 34. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Hello!

    You are one of my sunshine blogger award winners 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us!

  34. This looks like my kind of pub. I just finished a big blogging project, and am now committing myself to a schedule, which includes one day of poetry. it’s a form of writing I enjoy, but have a lot to learn about, so I’m excited that you have lessons. Looking forward to OpenLinkNight. See you there!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  35. Hello there,

    You write wonderful poetry up here. Well done! Keep penning and keep inspiring. You’ll do wonders one day, I am sure! 🙂

    And please take a look at my blog; I write poetry too. Some poems that may be of interest to you: “Love is a Heart Throbbing Joyride”, “My Greetings to You”, “Your Heart is My Favorite Playground”. Thank you and have a lovely day my friend! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  36. hi…..i am sonny……this is really appealing to me… will def. be seeing a lot more of me in here….:)

  37. The Enfant Terrible said:

    Hi! You guys were recommended to me by someone who is already participating. I am looking forward to sharing with you. I love the concept! Very exciting.

    Soraya @

  38. Hey guys: Love this site.
    Suggestion: Put up a Banner Page where you offer banners folks can put on their sites to advertise this fine enterprise. If you look at my left column, you will see I made my own banner from your site. But I am sure you have even better design.
    Just a thought.

  39. Hi! I was directed here by a fellow poet and am very glad to be here.

  40. Thanks for the invitation. I have written something new, but it’s not what I’d had in mind!

    Coming late – in the seventies – the list is daunting. I read about 8 before my eyes give up. How do others decide how many and which to read?

  41. A friend showed me the way here- looks like what I’ve been looking for, a place to share with like-minded folks. Pinterest hasn’t been very fulfilling. Sharing seems to be an important part of the picture for me. Looking forward to sharing here.

  42. I just stumbled upon you guys. This looks like a fun way to meet new poets and share work. I’m so glad I registered.

  43. Hey, I was putting in a link to this page, and I noticed the name is “Poets Pub.” Shouldn’t it be “Poet’s Pub”? Or, am I missing something. The “Open Link Nights” have been very rewarding. Thanks you so much for hosting them.

  44. I think I’m really going to enjoy this community! Have you all considered creating a dVerse Poetry Pub Badge for your followers to post on their blog sites? I think the design of your dVerse banner in a 100×100 would make a nice badge to help advertise the blog!

  45. Just entered and this place is awesome! I’m going to mix and mingle now….

  46. Jessica Slavin said:

    This place is great, and is the closest I have found yet to the kind of “poetry salon” I wish I could find online. Still, I wish there were something less teachery, and just “shooting the breeze” about poetry we like.

  47. Creativity grows with education. The social aspect is always good – but it’s great to see you continuing to teach, and grow alongside the community you foster. I’m still saddened Poetry Night cut back…but I remember well how time consuming and stressing the management of such could be.

    Where do you see yourselves in a year or so from now? (What? A poet invoking the future – what madness is this!?)

  48. What a great find your blog is! I found you through my blogging friend and poet Imelda. I love to write poetry and over the last few months I have begun to post some on my blog so this is a dream come true to find you! I really look forward to participating and meeting up with you all at the pub, thank you so much & cheers from this Brit – Sherri 🙂

  49. Hi. Happy to meet you all. I will probably read more than write. I consider myself a “drive by” writer, blogger, poet…don’t always follow prompts, but I always enjoy reading the art of others. Talk to y’all later!

  50. Oh, too bad, I was hoping for a place to have a drink, listen to poetry & pick up a cougar to take home for the night.

  51. Love this place. Thanks for being here.

  52. Anyone in authority – please delete ‘ShirleyB (2) from latest prompt. Thank you.

  53. Hello! What a great pub! I enjoy reading the posts here, and the beautiful poems through Mister Linky. 🙂
    Greetings from Hungary! 🙂

  54. Glad I ran into d’verse. You have a nicely designed pub! Looking forward to some exchanges!

  55. Colleen Chesebro said:

    Hi. It’s great to meet you guys. I run a Tuesday Poetry Challenge on One of your participants, Merril: did a Haibun for both of our challenges. I hadn’t heard of you before, so I had to stop in and say hello. I too, am a lover of poetry. ❤

  56. Lauren Lynch said:

    Such a great site. So happy I stumbled upon you! 😄🙌

  57. rothpoetry sent me the link to get here. I just want to be ready for the next d’Verse Poets Pub prompt. but this a big pub. I’m lost already.
    Can you tell how to find the Linky widget ?

    • Hello! Nice to meet you. And welcome to dVerse. We have a post that is published 3x a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm EST.

      At the end of each published post that you see when you open up dverse, you will read a poetry challenge and instructions. At the bottom of each post, is where you will find our Mr. Linky. There is another post coming up today at Thursday, at 3pm. Under the post is a Mr. Linky. Hope this helps. See you!

  58. Greetings all from Sempahore (Samuel Peralta), a previous regular Form For All host! I bring news: dVerse Poets Pub is going to the Moon!

    The Lunar Codex is digitizing the “Chiaroscuro” anthology and archiving it in a time capsule to be placed on the Lunar South Pole via the 2023 SpaceX / Astrobotic Griffin lander / NASA VIPER rover mission.

    The collection is indexed here –

    The Lunar Codex is archiving art, books, music, and film from over 25,000 creatives from over 110 countries all over the world, on time capsules launched via NASA Artemis partners. Excelsior!

  59. I have really enjoyed being part of the d’Verse family. It has stretched me to try new things and write in forms I never heard of, or thought were possible. The group is very welcoming and shares comments back in response to me giving my feedback to them.
    Learning to know so many of you from all around the world is very special. Thank you to all of the d’Verse folks who put out the prompts each week, Keep up the great work!

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