What is a pub, with someone behind the bar that not only serves but has a great ear. These are the people that make d’Verse happen every week, so that you can show up and show off your verse. Widely talented, both poetically and beyond, here are your pub tenders..

Björn Rudberg lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and is passionate about writing short stories and poetry. When not writing he is working within an international high-technology company with business matters. He took a PhD in theoretical physics in 1991 and now lives in a relationship with another Physicist since many years back; together with his wife he explores the outdoors with kayak, skis or by foot, all this a source of inspiration to his writing. Starting out a dilettante he has added creative writing to his curriculum. and now has a few stories and poems published in a few books and online publications
Twitter: @brudberg

Gay Cannon is a Published poet, (she majored in English Lit.) author of children’s stories, musician and lover of music, artist and lover of art, figure skating judge,- covetous of dancers, founder of Stars FSC in Dallas (she minored in Political Science) supporter of the arts, an aesthete but not an atheist She’s a loyal friend, mother of three, grandmother of eleven. She loves to travel, meet people, go to museums; She loves good food and good conversations. She trys to find the music in people’s voices and the poetry in their souls.
Twitter: @beachanny 

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto is spent many years working as an RN in the field of death and dying. In retirement, Victoria pursues the creative life as a novelist and poet. Her first novel, Winter is Past, was published by Lucky Bat Books in 2011. A second, The Sin of His Father and a Poetry Anthology will be forthcoming in the near future. Victoria enjoys life with her husband and two dogs in Reno, NV and Palm Desert, CA. She is happy to pen a monthly article for dVerse’s Meeting the Bar, that deals with the art and craft of poetry writing. Twitter: @VCerettoSlotto


Mary Kling has always lived in Wisconsin, USA, but has traveled the world. She is the author of three self -published poetry anthologies and co-author of two novels. A former teacher, she shares her life with three small dogs who often guide her along the path; and she learns many life lessons from her grandchildren who give her faith in tomorrow. She enjoys writing, traveling, learning about the world around her, novels, movies, conversation & coffee with a few friends. She knows her next great adventure is right around the corner. If she leaves any legacy at all, she believes it will be her poetry.


Mary Grace Guevara lives in Ontario, Canada. She loves detective stories, late afternoon walks, warm chocolate cup & sweet tropical mango. When she is not writing, she is mom to 4 children (including the devoted hubby) and currently works for an insurance company in Downtown Toronto, Canada. Though her background is business & sales management, she says: “Writing is my creative corner, an outlet outside of work and real life challenges.” Her poems have been published in Nain Rouge, Emerge Literary Journals, VerseWrites, D’verse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry & Boston Poetry magazine, Recipes for Hemlock. As to her outlook in writing, Grace believes her best work is still to come. She runs two blogs – as Grace in Everyday Amazing, and as Scarlet in Scarlet Verses.

photo-214Abhra Pal: I am from a small town in eastern India and hold a degree in electronics engineering. I started writing at a young age with a journal and had a wonderful learning curve so far. Poetry started for me with the extensive travel I had to do for my studies first and then in my professional life. Though I’m mainly a poet but I love the challenge of writing fiction and in future want to try screenwriting.  In my mother tongue, Bengali – I write children’s stories. Father to a beautiful princess, there are so many stories that I have to tell her and I believe this is one of the best possible ways what I can leave for her, if not anyone else. Twitter: @abhrapal

photo-220Marina Sofia Marina Sofia has lived and worked in nine countries, but thinks her current location between Lake Geneva and the Alps may be her favourite yet. She has only recently found her way back to poetry after a long period in the corporate wilderness, which still grabs a-hold of her every now and then. She has published poems and short fiction in online and paper-based literary journals. But it’s the novel she’s working on now that is driving her close to despair! She is an active member of the Geneva Writers’ Group and a regular reviewer for the Crime Fiction Lover website.
Twitter: @MarinaSofia8

Gabriella is from northern France where she taught high school and junior college English. She is quite new to the poetry blogosphere and blogs at Gabriella’s Writing Corner. When she is not writing poetry, she enjoys reading, sketching, movies, walking, photography and traveling. She can spend hours reading recipes in cookbooks and online before she actually cooks. She focuses on ethnic and healthy food. Gabriella also has a keen interest in languages – Swedish, German, Italian, Hebrew and, of course English, top the list.

dVerse photoToni Spencer – Currently lives in Virginia but grew up about three blocks away from Duke University’s east campus. Occupations have ranged from bartender to regulatory compliance and regulation of professionally engineers to recently retired.  A grateful cancer survivor and married for 14+ years.  I wrote my first haiku (traditional) when I was six.  Traditional haiku and tanka are my favorite forms of poetic expression. I have travelled the US, Canada, UK, and Europe extensively and many times to Japan.  I have a long and deep love for Japan. I enjoy cooking – Southern and Japanese cuisines. I blog on Word Press under Kanzensakura.  An East meets South blog of poetry and cooking.


GayleGayle Walters Rose was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. along with five siblings. She currently resides in Sebastian, FL, a small community on the east coast nestled along the Indian River that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. She is a mother to two daughters and grandmother to Mira who all live in Sebastian. She has been writing about true life experiences, musings of the spirit, her former ashram life and the occasional fiction since August of 2010. She has been published in the Orlando Sentinel and Nain Rouge. She recently joined a local writing group of women who meet on the porch of the late poet, novelist and essayist Laura Riding Jackson’s preserved home nearby and call themselves The Porch Writers.


Profile PicDe Jackson pens ad copy, wrangles teens and doodles tiny poems in the margins of life. Her words have made appearances in small journals, fun anthologies and the like. (She’s been paid in garbanzo beans, author copies, and one time, a whole dollar.) De hails from Vegas, adores Lake Tahoe, and scribbles something daily at www.whimsygizmo.wordpress.com.

Kelly Letky 0414 (1)

Kelly Letky is from Farmington, NY, USA, and works as a freelance graphic artist and jewelry designer. In addition to those two hats, she also wears those of poet, photographer, writer, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, crazy cat lady, friend, runner, knitter and gardener. She writes at www.mrsmediocrity.com and www.thebluemuse.com.



And of course we will have regular visits from our founders:

Brian Miller hails from the East Coast of America. He is a writer, poet, father, husband, counselor, key lime pie eater, friend, side street walker, who doesn’t mind mucking and getting his hands dirty or standing in a cherry blossom rain. “Everyone has a story and everything a poem, once you look at it long enough.” He doesn’t take himself seriously (especially when talking in first person) but has been published. Oh and in case you have not heard, love wins.
Twitter: @bmiller007

Claudia Schoenfeld lives in Germany, works in Switzerland and lives close enough to France to have a front row seat, watching their “quatorze juillet” fireworks. So she’s used to cross borders and finds it easy to see beauty in other cultures. She loves thunderstorms, improvising on her Alto Sax, biking and in warm summer nights you sometimes find her sitting on the pavement with a glass of red wine and the mad desire to fly with the passing clouds.. She’s married, mom of three teenage kids and yep.. published..
Twitter: @cmschoenfeld

66 thoughts on “d’Team”

  1. Nice to meet you all.

  2. as good looking as this team is…i am afraid a bit for the hits we will get…smiles.

  3. Tashtoo fan!!!! said:

    I found this very interesting and read every single one! I’m not a writer or poet but thinks its totally awesome how you have all come together! I love to read all of your works!

  4. Hi! Brian, Claudia, and d’Verse team…
    Great looking team Brian!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-)

  5. How fun to read about each of you and your truly dVerse backgrounds! I think you make a great team and will reach many other poets out there searching for an encouraging community to share their words.

  6. Tara Miller said:

    How fun to read about each of you and your truly dVerse backgrounds! I think you make a great team and will reach many other poets out there searching for an encouraging community to share their words.

  7. Hello dVerse team.
    Nice to meet you all.

  8. nice to meet you, too, Andy, and everyone coming to the Pub. Good times…good times….

  9. Nice to read about you all. I thank you for creating this platform so I can share my rambling jibberinsh in an environment that does not snub their nose at attempts to be creative and fresh. I also always appreciate your feedback.

    Best of luck on your journey,

    Henry C.

  10. great lineup, snazzy site!

    :waves at group:

    :hugs @bmiller007, @beachanny, @Tashtoo, @Hedge_witch:

    i’ll be back.


  11. Great site….. Love poetry, love the time and effort that you all are putting into this passion. That’s so wonderful. I hope to get to know you all…. John

  12. Welcome aboard Chris!!!! I LOVE Pretzels :)

  13. Hey Chris! *smiling &waving like a nerd*

  14. wow! what a group! glad i found this ;-)

  15. Thak you all. I’m loving dVerse.

  16. What an inspirational pub to wander into. Perhaps it will entice my closeted poet to reappear?

  17. So excited to find you all. Very impressive troop.

  18. Nice to meet you, talented guys! :-)

    Kind regards,

    Subhan Zein

  19. dVerse is truly wonderful. Thank you all so much!!!

  20. dVerse is a brilliant idea, thoroughly enjoying reading all the input. Many thanks for a great site.

  21. Great idea! Do you guys havea real pub or is it a cyber crawl ? just askin … i may be daft, but always up for a bit of a crack, and poetry! :-)

  22. nice to see new faces in there!!!

  23. I like the new faces…it gives the pub (renewed) energy and inspiration ~

    Thanks for all that you do ~ Smiles ~

  24. Fun to know the story (or in Joy Ann’s case songs) behind all the D’verse tenders–thanks for your brilliance, diligence, and inspiring dedication. A great site!

  25. so very happy to see you all here, listen to what you write, and feel welcomed. bravo on one complete and successful year. cheers to many more.

  26. ihatepoetry said:

    Thanks one and all for your commitment to this enterprise, which is (easily) the most healthy and helpful experience in writing I’ve known on the web. Happy Birthday!

  27. I”m so grateful to all of you at Dverse. I look up to you as artisits, but also for your generosity of time. I know it takes precious time to contribute as much as you do to this poetic cause. I’m always impressed by your acceptance of beginners like me, and those of us less endowed with talent. All of you are extremely kind and obviously truly dedicated. Thank you so much.

    • Myrna, me too! Less endowed, also a beginner, I have been treated at dVerse with tender comments, forgiveness unspoken, and a love which permeates not only the ‘Pub, but the Universe
      Ain’t it GREAT?

  28. First time I have read who makes up this team, and what a talented bunch you have managed to put together. I am not having a good year writing wise, but I know that if I keep looking long enough, I will find the inspiration again. Seeing who does all the work here helps as I have read some of their work and know how good you all are.

  29. My whole attitude and outlook on dVerse has just changed. You all are REAL PEOPLE! Our acquaintance here is for me a gift, without which I’d have missed a great chunk of life’s treasure. On bended knee…thank you all!

  30. Am checking this space out! Interesting to read about you all.

  31. Great write-up on the team behind this wonderful site. Nice to Mary on board!


  32. Wonderful to see you all and welcome new ones to the dVerse team. The entire team is tremendous! Your commitment, excellence and hospitality have helped this poet try harder and write more. I am grateful! for all you do to inspire, stimulate and keep in touch.

  33. What a fantastic staff!!!!! Whu-hoo! You all make dVerse great!

  34. I so needed to see this today. I’ve been feeling discouraged about ever being able to write the way I want to. I read through some of these and Joe Hesch’s bio got me with this: he just started writing a few years ago. So, for me, just cause it’s not there right now doesn’t mean it will never be there.

  35. Never really checked the team out and have been meaning to – impressive and encouraging at the same time … glad to meet you all in a slightly more formal way. You often make my day, or week – so thanks! Looking forward to a continued poetic relationship that feels very real …

  36. Hi Team, Do like the idea of this site and I have enjoyed in the past a try at following the rules and having a go at some of the techniques of poetry. I feel quite stupid now though as a lot of times I have wanted to participate but just can not understand the complexities. I didn’t realise poetry could be so difficult in form. Sometimes I’m caused to wonder why – thinking if only other writers and poets can understand to read it then .. . why am I trying haha. I’ll wait til an easy challenge.

  37. So many good poets here … isn’t that the truth! Thank you each not just for your poetry but also for the hard work that you do here.

  38. just checking out who’s working behind the bar these days. Great group! Way to go, all, and Happy Holidays!

  39. Nice meeting you all. This is a great group. :-)

  40. Revisiting the pub, eighteen months on from when I was first introduced to you guys, makes me feel both proud and very happy to be associated with this team of excellent, supportive and talented human beings aka poets.

  41. kthorpe said:

    I’m intimidated! In a good way :)

  42. So, these are the great poets behind this lovely website. Keep it up team! :)

  43. Ummmm Wow. That’s quite the team.

  44. Inspiring team. Nice to meet you all :)

  45. Very impressive gathering of talent you have d’Verse. I am a newbie and look forward to learning and sharing. I was directed to you through Ramblings from a Mum (who is quite awesome ) and Brian I appreciated your comment on my “Titans” piece Cheers

  46. Thank you everyone, for all you do and have done! What a great pool of talent~

  47. I love this team! Hope to meet you all in persons one day…!

  48. What a wonderful team, lovely to meet you all – Sherri :-)

  49. Community is crucial to creativity.

  50. Thats not a team, thats a private Army. Glad I ran into you’s guys.

  51. It’s refreshing to see the updated biographies and feel the love. As a still struggling beginner, even after 3 years, I want to re-iterate the gratefulness felt for the welcoming acceptance and respect of the dverse team we all receive. It is with great admiration of others writings that I continue to aspire to their great talents.

  52. love all the fresh pics….

  53. Once again, pleased to meet you all. Aah Anna, love your profile most especially how you conned it up. And hey, love the rest as well. Great team, proud to be a part of this excellent team. Keep the spirit blazing.

  54. These are such fascinating bios!

  55. Nice meeting you all..so many accomplished and talented poets/writers. A definite encouragement and inspiration. Thank you for dVerse

  56. Dverse has certainly made a difference in my life the last 4 years! I am grateful for the continued support, friendship and entertainment. The poetry is absolutely marvelous. For my part, I am busy this summer getting my vintage 1965 camper trailer ready to take on the road and spending time with my grandchildren. As our beautiful summer days stretch on, I enjoy reading on my front porch and watching birds and nature in a cedar forest cathedral by the sea.

    • How in the world did I miss this? Wow, a vintage camper, travelling about and being in a cedar forest by the sea. I am so glad you take the time to visit with us and to submit your most excellent poetry.

  57. Glenn Buttkus said:

    A few new faces tending bar the year, new to the Pub, but not to those of us who’ve run with the dVerse pack of poets for several years; at least 5 for me. I followed Brian over here after bumping into him on other sites. This group seems/is unique in the plethora of poetry sites out on the net; hundreds at least. I love the genuine fellowship found here, & what a treat to work with poets from Europe as well. I am always impressed by the wealth of talent this bunch possesses & promulgates. But the biggest perk for me is that for each of us, we are growing in knowledge, & deepening our reach, as if we all attend an audited Master’s Class on writing poetry.

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