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the heat
you left with me
last night
still smolders
the wind catches
your scent
and refreshes
my senses

i am a leaf
falling from your tree
upon which i was
~Nikki Giovanni

Welcome to OpenLinkNight, this autumn eve on the cusp of kids in bright and sometimes scary outfits banging on your door to show off their acoutremonts and ask ‘Trick or Treat’ which loosely translates to ‘Give me candy’, so that I can get hopped up on sugar and not let my parents get any sleep. Smiles, at least that is what happens here on All Hallows Eve.

In the poem above, Nikki Giovanni brings heat to the chilly season. I love that about poetry, how we can take and turn things on its head. And do it with passion.

Speaking of passion, we are here for one reason and one reason alone and that is the passionate consumption of mass quantities of poetry, so I will not pretend you are listening to me. Go, go, write poetry on receipts and keep them crinkling in your pocket, spray them across the backs of discarded envelopes or carve them in bathroom stall walls, whatever it takes to get it here to share.

And then read and love on others, leaving meaningful comments and encouragement—because we are not just poets…but a poetic army marching across the net in verse revolution stirring passion in dead places, dark corners and cracks in the sidewalk.

My name is Brian, and I am your pub tender this evening, so if you have any questions, please let me know.

SO here, is how it works:

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  • Most of all…enjoy what is fast becoming the place to be for poetry lovers and readers alike! We are dVerse!