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my son & street art, Richmond, VA

Each day we are faced with choices…what time to stop hitting the snooze button, regular or decaf, cream & sugar or black, silk or cotton, or none, right turns, left turns, argue or accept, work or play sick…whatever your choices, one thing that holds true is—

we are a product of the choices we make.

some choices don’t require much thought, whether they are simple and rote to memory already or we just don’t care. Some are impossible and seem to have no good answers. Sometimes choice is made for us, and sometimes it is taken from us. especially if we are frozen in the moment and can’t choose.

we can even fool ourselves at times by thinking that by not choosing we are not making a choice, but then again we really are.

our choices say much about who we are.

yesterday i was offline the entire day as the result of an audit. i spent the day reviewing files because the convening authorities will be there monday to do the same. another agency across town closed their doors recently because of the size of the fine they received for choosing to ignore the details of their reporting.

our choices have consequences.

my son spent the extra money he had earned doing chores only the next day to see the thing he really wanted. when he asked me for more money, i did not give it to him, but reminded him of the choice he made the day prior. and i did not say ‘i told you so.’ smiles.

we have to live with our choices.

my name is Brian Miller and today i will be your host for Poetics and our prompt it is multiple choice. There are so many possibilities you can write about, but make a choice, write about a choice, or its consequences, or and unmade choice, or…well i will let you figure it out. hopefully i got you thinking. now choose…

here is how it works:

  • Write a poem that deals with choice and post it to your webpage
  • Click on the Mr Linky button below and enter the direct URL to the poem and your name
  • Visit others that have posted. This is crucial to me. I really can’t stand poets that enter these things and like the attention but never visit anyone. It is all about community for me
  • Get the word out, tweet…i will def retweet, facebook, whatever your social media choice is
  • Have fun

See you out on the trail… ~Brian