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“You don’t get your wisdom teeth until you bite off more than you can chew” This was a favorite saying of my grandmother’s, and she never hesitated to remind us in times of trouble that there was purpose and reason behind it.  Last week Vi, (we were never actually allowed to refer to her as Gram, Nan or anything of the sort) passed away and though I thought I had prepared myself for it, I suddenly found myself without my biggest fan and my greatest supporter and I have to tell you, it seems my “muse” has also taken flight…right to that secret notebook where I share what will never be seen by the world.

Do you have a secret notebook? It was Vi who turned me on to this many, many, years ago. Build a place where every part of you is welcomed. Where every personality that has taken up residence within your heart gets to shine with no fear of condemnation or judgment. Man…I’ve got a whole trunk of notebooks, and an entire list of personalities that clamour for their time in the spotlight.  SO if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…it certainly hasn’t been swimming in poetry.

It is now time to return to the light, and the poets I’ve been missing terribly. I do hope you’ll forgive me my absence and bear with me as I try to steady my pen in honor of the force that has become OpenLinkNight.

I also have to send a hearty congratulations to those dVersePoets who answered the call and will see their work appearing in the upcoming issues of Nain Rouge. If you missed Pretzles&Bullfights  yesterday, Brian provided a full list of the winners. Over 30 entries of a caliber so strong the work of the poets will be used far beyond the initial publication! Can I brag? That is so very awesome!

And that is what we get to enjoy each and every OpenLinkNight! I’m Natasha Head and I’ll be behind the bar all evening…the stage, dear Poets….is all yours!

Need help stepping to the mic? Here’s how…

  • Post a poem to your blog. (One entry per poet, please)
  • Copy the exact address of your post and click our Mr. Linky button
  • Here you’ll be asked to paste your blog address and enter your name. Click submit…and you’re in!
  • Our goal is community. Communities grow when their citizens engage. Revisit Mr. Linky and click on the links of your fellow poets. Read, comment, share, grow.  It takes a village, don’t you know 😉
  • Be supportive and encouraging. Be fair in your criticism. Respect the hearts on the pages and take advantage of the amazing talent that writes on our walls each and every week. Most of all…spread the love…