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I love food, always have.. I can get crazy about a new dish or taste or when unusual ingredients are combined– foreign scents, the smell of indian spices in the house when my daughters cook…hmmm

A few weeks ago, I had a breath-taking saddle of deer venison with a chestnut crust…oh heck.. it tasted DiVine. I sat there– enraptured and enjoyed every single bite. And it was so good that I really wanted to start humming (was a business dinner, so I did not hum..just enjoyed silently..)

For me, there’s also a certain magic in preparing food. I love the warm comfort of kneading a bread dough with my hands, the feel of juice running over the fingers when filleting an orange, and I could watch english chef Jamie Oliver for hours because in every move, in every cut, you can feel his joy and immense passion for preparing an excellent meal.

Food also gives a certain kind of comfort.

When my daughters were still small, we were at the North Sea and went hiking in the tidelands – barefoot – and Priscilla first cut her foot on a sharp clam and then it started pouring cats and dogs (the water stood about 20 cm in my rucksack) and we had quite a long way to walk back. When we came to our apartment, I sent them to the shower and prepared Kaiserschmarrn (some austrian style of crumbled pancakes).

And then we sat in the warm kitchen, ate Kaiserschmarrn, drank tea and the exhausting hike took a kinda magic turn. Honestly, they’re still talking about it and eating Kaiserschmarrn until today takes us all right back there.

So for today, let’s write about food… preparing food, eating, food as a metaphor, about a secret recipe or mass production, barbecue, fastfood, gourmet temples, the food you shared with a good friend while sitting on a tree.. the food you cooked for the love of your life when you were dating (I baked a cake on the first date with my husband and my daughters still say that’s how I made him fall in love with me..smiles) Maybe you wanna open an old cookbook and write about the journey it takes you on…or slip into the role of a food tester (did you see the movie Ratatouille by the way…if not…you really HAVE to watch it…it’s fantastic)…so..wherever your fantasy takes you…

..let’s dish up some tasty poetry..

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(the above images are all by claudia schoenfeld)