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OpenLinkNight ~  Week 82Welcome to the pub word mongers! It’s no secret I love music and use it frequently when writing to quiet the outside world. If I’m being totally honest, like poetry, I use it frequently to hide from the outside world.  And like poetry, the genera, style, form…doesn’t really matter.

Recent new adventures have led me deeper into the world of indie music, and like us wanna-be poets, it is a world that relies on community and relationships. Where would your pen have stalled without the support of your peers? Music has been my go to when “peers” were non-existent. The power of the lyrics, the message in the words and the desire to “write like that” has kept me bleeding the ink to pages even when I had no one willing to listen. “Freak on a Leash” is my personal theme song…this could explain much 😉

Do you write to music? Has it saved your soul? Kept you going on those days you thought you couldn’t? Do you rock a theme song, a sound track, a full blown concerto? What’s pumping through your headphones tonight as you settle in to hang with some of the most amazing wordweavers on the web?

Personally…I’m about to get down with the sickness…let’s crank it up and make some music.

Happy OpenLinkNight!

Here’s how to play along:

  • Post a poem to your blog. We’re totally in free-flow tonight…write what you want, share what you want.
  • Copy the post address and click the Mr. Linky button below.
  • Here you will be requested to enter your name and the exact post address. Click submit…and you’re in.
  • Once posted, revisit Mr. Linky to read the work of the other brave pens sharing with us. This is the most vital part of the dVerse Experience!
  • Share, comment, like, love! We are community. Show the hearts that laugh, cry and bleed with us every week the love and support they deserve. We operate on poetic karma…here is one place where you truly will get back what you put in.
  • Most of all…live poetically! May everyday inspire!