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To write a Madonna and Child (an unfinished touch)good description one should learn to observe things closely and, yes, accurately. Our eyes must gather visual images, our ears must gain auditory images, our mouth must form taste images, our nose must receive olfactory sensations, and our skin must take tactile impressions.The senses, however, do not operate alone for behind the sense organs are the mind which selects important and/or pertinent details while disregarding others of lesser importance. Our senses do not give impersonal, complete images the way a camera does. Our mental or physical condition affects what and how much we observe.

Successful descripAlonetion demands a special technique and varies with the purpose of the description. If you want, for example, to describe the effect of a house on you, your description will be suggestive and imaginative. The purpose of your description gives unity to your work and produces a dominant impression.

While there are, I think, two general classification of description (Informative and Artistic) I decided to choose Artistic description to go along with the art of impressionism. An artistic or suggestive description is often called evocative or literary description. It differs from informative description not so much in subject matter as in the manner in which material is presented. It does not aim to inform; it seeks to entertain. It appeals to the sense of beauty of stimulating the reader’s  imagination and feelings, giving a vivid image of the object as felt and seen by the writer. It projects an emotion or mood.CinerariasMagandang hapon (good afternoon) / magandang gabi (good evening) / magandang umaga (good morning) wherever you are in the world. My name is Kelvin, hosting (for the very first time) yet another series of dVerse’s Poetics — a not so new, not so old but oh so cool place where Poetry is everything. Today, we are writing impressionistic poetry in a rather artistic way using the selected artworks I provided here. You may select any of the artworks above that inspires you the most or if you are having difficulty choosing you can, instead, go directly to Papers & Crayons — a little wall where I share my artworks publicly and, yes, I allow you to pick and use any of your desired piece there to accompany your poem/s. Remember, we are writing in an artistic description and our mission is to entertain and not to inform.the widow

…and now to formally start allow me to present to you, of course, the very famous:

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