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dverselogoLast week I was in Berlin. I walked through the Brandenburger Tor– once– twice– breathless, climbed up the spiral stairs to the top of the Siegessäule, drank tea with a korean monk and Cappuccino at Starbucks.

I watched an army of police motor bikes and cars escort an important Statesman in a big, black limousine and stood bewitched in front of Dali’s Alice in Wonderland paintings.

By the end of the day, I didn’t feel my feet anymore but every single pore in me screamed happiness. And why?

Because I saw beyond my own borders, my view got stretched and I experienced things I never experienced before.

Because a few years back, there was a wall dividing Berlin and there was no way of getting to the other side– now there is.

We humans tend to build walls, we mark our own borders and we decide if it’s safe to let someone in or cross them ourselves.

Did someone leave a comment once on your post that you didn’t like or that hurt you? Have you stopped visiting people that write in a style you don’t like or about topics you don’t like?

Do they have a view on the world that you don’t like? Maybe too religious or not religious enough? Too open or not open enough? Too progressive or not progressive enough?

When that monk invited me for tea, I hesitated for a second, then took off my boots, sat down and we talked, about Korea, about Berlin, about walls and life and green tea. And it was a wonderful experience.

So for tonight, I invite you to cross the borders, meet someone new, take off your boots and share a cup of tea– let yourself sink into the stream– it really is worth it–

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