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birdTony was wonderful enough to bring us a refresher on forms after our Holiday break. I’m sure your poetic muscles are feeling a bit of the ‘burn’ and ready to do some heavy lifting. Guess what? You can put away the work out gear, this is fun time!

I had a rather formal Poetics for us today. Something along the lines of packing away the holidays, the annual things we look forward to. That sort of January ‘Janus’ looking forward/looking back.

Then I looked outside my window. It is warmer here than it has been since the first part of December. Almost 30 degrees or more warmer. Shorts cause it is in single Celsius digits warmer.  And everyone is happier. The birds. The dogs.

So what I would love for you to do this poetics is two part. Go to your favorite window, door or outside view. Snap a photo. Second part: write a poem about what is happening. In the moment. Choose whatever form you like.

Share with us on this January Saturday a snapshot of your ‘view’.  And window dress it in fine, or plain, poetic fashion.

Don’t feel tied down to one photo, make a collage if you are so inclined. Paint your view if you are in the paints.

My Windows

Looking out windows not my own.
Ours for a season, but nothing more.
Scratched by dogs not my own.
Cleaned for a better view of the birds.
Chickadees, woodpeckers and sparrows.
Eating, fighting and resting from the cold.
I hung buns on a string, and left shortbread
in the branches of the cedar. Blue jays came!

Looking out windows not my own.
Seeing the jetstreams streaking in the sky.
They came home, and brought warmer air.
Frost on the trees from an early morning fog.
Tracks in the snow – coyote, deer, moose.
Dead sunflower heads bow to winter and
birds eat the hope they left behind for spring.
The bird song is loud today, singing the feast.
They eat the feast, but it is I who gets the joy.

See how fun it can be? If you are new, here is how this works:
  • Write a new poem to the prompt and post it on your webpage
  • Click Mr. Linky below and enter your name and direct url
  • There you will also see others who have joined  in, visit them. Let them know what you liked/disliked, thought unique
  • If you promote yourself on social media, used @dversepoets so that we can find and promote you as well.
  • Have fun

Happy Saturday everyone!