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Today is the first day of Spring Break for us. No school for a week.


I needed the break. Between work and grad school and baseball and…. it’s not like we will be doing anything over the top. Today we did laundry and played around the house. We played outside, barefoot in the grass and watched the apple blossoms fall in the wind before the storm we had.

Last week, Gay had us create our own form of poetry for Meeting the Bar. Because I like simple things (and because I am a  simple thing) I came up with tenWord. Yep, you get ten words to say it.

So today, in the comments, tell me about your day in tenWord, some aspect that made your day special or…you pick—have fun with it. No Linky, just chatting about our day in tenWords over the dVerse watercooler.

beneath the pear tree

cotton candy petals

caress our slumber.



wind taps the window. Quick!

pretend no one is home.


Laundry clunking in the dryer

whispers the secrets of Easter.


Have a bit of fun with it

& come back tomorrow for Poetics, Anthony has a great picture prompt for us. Until then—Happy Monday all! ~Brian