One thing I love in poetry is the freedom to use mixed images and metaphors that don’t seem to connect or even fit on first sight–

It’s a bit like cooking–

We all have the recipes that work well together – foolproof // riskfree– ha

A certain theme – certain images and words – they won’t fail, unease your stomach and leave you standing in a downpour with people pointing fingers or shaking their head at you

And that is cool

But honestly

Sometimes it can get a bit boring as well, right?

When I first ate beef with a dark&bitter chocolate sauce I was like “What–?”

It was in Hamburg on a hotel visit and the chef belonged to the “young wild” group
I think you guess already — it tasted devine–

Having understood the power of contrast
they served foie gras, caviar, the most sophisticated and expensive starters in the most adventurous combinations  – on silver plates –  in the dusty attic of the old historical hotel

They served lobster soup in test-tubes

There were cobwebs in the corners

You wouldn’t take your guests there – right?

For my job I eat in a lot of excellent restaurants and it’s almost always really good– but as soon as it’s over, I forget–

That attic experience was about 8 years ago – I still remember every detail cause it was
a bit rakish, unexpected, special and brave

Contrasts&Contradictions, even more when they’re a bit unsettling, make us remember things

And hey – I want my poetry to be like that – at least sometimes – at least a bit

So today’s task is to be a bit brave,
mix things you wouldn’t usually like…

cats and petroleum jelly
ice cream and motor oil
raccoons and watercolor cakes
missiles and flower poets
and and and….

think about contradictions and serve them up boldly
place things in an environment that doesn’t seem to fit
have fun!
— and season to taste

If you need inspiration – Charlie Zero by the way is quite good with this

Happy writing &
See you out on the trail