dverselogoThank you to all those who had a little fun with us this last week celebrating our three year anniversary…and what better way to kick off year 4 than to announce our next anthology.

On Saturday, Victoria coined the phrase in the title, “for dVerse, by dVerse” because we will be producing this anthology, in house. We will edit it, and every poem included will be selected from our poets.

Here is how you can be a part of this years anthology:

1. Please select one poem that you have submitted for one of our prompts from July 2013 through July 2014. It must be either a Poetics or a MeetingTheBar response, or one of the Anniversary prompts. Poems submitted for OpenLinkNight can not be used to meet this submission requirement.

2. Once you choose your poem for step 1 and have met that submission requirement, you may choose 3 additional poems to submit. These can be any poem of your choosing, as long as they have never been published in another publication such as a book or magazine.

Poems should be submitted in a Word Document as an attachment to an email. Any special spacing or offset of lines, or font requirement must be reflected in what you submit, we will try to meet these requirements but if we need to make a change, we will contact you via email.

Just because you submitted a poem, does not guarantee its inclusion. While we will include everyone that meets the first submission requirement, the inclusion of additional poems will be determined by the editorial team. Preferential selection may be given based on participating in creating community for/among those that visit the pub.

We will be accepting submissions through the end of August. To submit, please send your poems to dversepoets@gmail.com . The subject line of the email containing your submissions should read “dversexdverse submission“.

Notification of acceptance will occur no later than October.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below or send us an email to dversepoets@gmail.com with “dversexdverse question” in the subject line.

We look forward to reading your poems — and having this book in our hands.
Have a great week! ~ Brian (& Claudia)

Note: I am on vacation and do not have internet access (i will probably need therapy after this), so please allow a bit of grace in responding to any email inquiries. Claudia and the rest of the team will I am sure have a lot of fun with you this week. See you in a week. Smiles. ~Brian