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Happy Monday everyone! I hope the week is starting well for all of you. Several weeks ago we announced our new anthology we are producing in house, and answer a few questions about submissions, but first…



Boston Poetry Magazine, who we partnered with for our 2 year anniversary contest, has just released their first anthology entitled Recipes for Hemlock. This anthology features the winning poems/poets from the contest as well as poems by the current pubtenders. You will find many familiar names and maybe some you haven’t heard in a while. We are excited to see this come to print and to further recognize those poets that contributed and those that continue to keep the lights on here. You can get your copy of this anthology here.


Our first anthology, for those that were wanting an idea of what a dVerse anthology may look like is here. For this anthology we partnered with Frank Wilson and he put together a wonderful book that captures the diverse voices that frequent the pub.

So, now we are putting together a new anthology, which we announced two weeks ago. We are creating this anthology in house. In order to submit to the anthology, you must:

1. Select a poem that you submitted to one of our prompts between July 2013 and July 2014. The poem can be one you submitted to FormForAll, Poetics, MeetingTheBar or one of the anniversary prompts. Poems originally submitted to OpenLinkNight are not able to be used to meet this requirement.

2. If you are able to meet the above requirement, you can submit an additional 3 poems. These poems can be any poem of your choice, they can be from poems you submitted to any prompt or OpenLinkNight or that you have ever written or that you write now.

Any poem that is submitted for the anthology can not have been previously published in a magazine or another book. This keeps us from having to mess with permissions and ownership issues.

While we will publish all poems that meet the first requirement, the inclusion of additional poems is determined by the editorial staff.

Poems should be submitted in a Word Document as an attachment to an email. Any special spacing or offset of lines, or font requirement must be reflected in what you submit, we will try to meet these requirements but if we need to make a change, we will contact you via email.

We will be accepting submissions through the end of August. To submit, please send your poems to dversepoets@gmail.com . The subject line of the email containing your submissions should read “dversexdverse submission“.


For those concerned they were not good enough for submission : If you are a part of this community, we would like to see you submit as long as you meet the submission requirements above. Please don’t be hard on yourself — take the chance. If you are actively involved, you are good enough, and it would be great to look back on in years to come and be able to share those memories together.

If you have any additional questions, I am not out of contact on vacation this week, so I will be answering them real time now. Ha.

We have already received quite a few submissions and we look forward to going through those after all submissions have been made. Hope you have a great week.  See you right back here tomorrow for Poetics @ 3 pm.

~ Brian