A good advice I once got for sketching is “Start the sketch with what catches you eye– then go from there”

I realized that I do much the same when it comes to writing poetry. So my poems always start with  something that catches my eye, or ear, a thought, feel, sound, scent — something that grabs me and touches a string – and suddenly I really WANNA write– and the cells start dividing/developing– there’s magic in it… isn’t it?

Sometimes the initial spark stays the main pillar in a poem, sometimes it just serves as a scaffold and in the writing process becomes invisible or gets cut out completely and just stays as a faint feel that gives the poem a specific shade…

How about you?
What sparks your poetry?
What gets you writing?
How do you start your poems/build your poems?
Do you write things down immediately or let it develop a bit first?

Often I just let the first spark sink into that “uterus” and wait what happens – let it develop and grow a bit in this and that direction before I take out my phone to type it down. I often feel the words need that bit of freedom to move and play a bit before being sorted on a page…

What about you?