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dverselogoOk, probably not what you expected on the week of Halloween. Maybe we will call this a treat, just to meet the expectation of the season. I had every intention of talking All Hallow’s Eve or masks or candy — but really, I would take fruit over chocolate most days…unless it is peanut butter and chocolate….or chocolate and fruit.

But then I started reading some poetry and writing a lesson plan for the poetry club that I run at school…and I came upon Palestine by Lorna Dee Cervantes — and it’s not so much the poem itself that grabbed me —

it is an interesting poem on war and terror (there may be a hint there too, on something coming later this week) — but the first line that got me going…it starts like this:

“a country you carry in your pocket”

the poem goes on talk of the country as a remembered fragrance as well, but my question for you today — seeing as we are all from all over the place, is

if your country was in your pocket, what would it be?

maybe you will answer me in a poem, or just your thoughts in the comments below. Reduce your country to pocket-size and tell me all about it. I will leave my thoughts here in just a little bit.   ~Brian