I dunno how it is where you live. Over here it has been grey and dark the last few weeks even though winter hasn’t even started yet officially…

It’s cold,  just that one or two degrees above zero that prevents the rain from falling as snow.

In the houses and streets, the Christmas decoration is put up, in many cities are Christmas markets and people are busy with preparing for the festive days.

The summer holidays seem so far away like they were in another life, it has been stressful at work and there’s a certain weariness and tiredness in me…


So – how is it where you are?
Do you feel the winter blues as well?
What are you doing as a cure?
Long walks?
Lighting candles?
Visiting friends?
Baking Christmas cookies? I’ve been baking quite some already with my daughter… Been reading as well two good books those last days, cuddled up in a blanket in my armchair… first “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed and now “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke which is about a man who can read people out of books and into them… sounds like fun but can be also kind of dangerous depending on what book you’re reading… smiles
but yeah.. it helps a bit fighting the chill…

Looking forward to hear about your recipes against the cold&grey….