Hello friends and poets all around the world, welcome to open link night. How have you been? What’s new with your poetic experience?

It’s my first time on Dversepoets to host the mega event. How does it feel? Absolutely exciting, I must say. When we give you a theme – it certainly gives you a direction but also limits your imagination and may stop you from being at your creative best. So here, you speak up – you bring out the best in you. OLN is how I started getting into the layers of this wonderful community and it largely it defines me today.

What is the best part of OLN – When I read a lot of poetry, it helps in both ways – what makes the thought unique, how style supports the heart of the poem, how language makes the effect unforgettable, how I relate to someone else’s emotions and on the contrary, what can ruin the poetry, what mistakes are not to be made.
I have been away from home for a long time – my work took me to places and I shifted on with my family from one place to another. I have seen a lot of life, a lot of culture and climate – and finally I came back home. This weekend I am going to sit back, enjoy poetry. So let’s hear out one another, & share our poetic experiences.

Now, if you are new to Dversepoets, this is what you got to do.

Write 1 poem and post it to your site/blog.
Enter a link to your poem and your name by clicking Mr Linky below.
You will find links to other poets. Read and comment on other poet’s work.
If you are promoting your work on social media, use the tag #dversepoets and we will share you too.

Thank you all. Have fun.