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Today we have reached 150 open links, and it’s a true privilege to be here with you. So many have passed these doors, and stopped at the bar, chatting a little, and today it might be the first time. For me this is virtual home where I can share ideas on the magic of what we can do with words.


I thought about pictures and poetry. Many of you are talented artists and it feels natural to combine your poetry with images, I do not paint myself but I always include an illustration. When I selected my format for my blog I happened to select one where I have to have an image for each entry. It can be quite cumbersome. I have to find an image to illustrate something that I have written. But sometimes I start with an image and write my poetry based on that. Often I end up browsing on wikiart where I usually can find a piece of art that fit my poem, but there are times when finding a picture takes more time than writing a poem.At other times it just works immediately.

Today I went through the virtual gallery and found a picture that inspired a poem. How do you do? Are pictures important for your poetry or do you see them as something that distract from the words. Do you have a favorite artist?

Today you can link up any poem with or without pictures, but I am still interested.

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  • Read and comment on other poet’s work, we all go here to have our poems read
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  • Have fun