Hi there friends we are now going to be closed for two weeks, so we have are having some great offers for your today. There is free wine over there, and I have opened a keg of beer for you to enjoy. Just sit down and enjoy.

It has been a year of changes, but many things are still the same. There has been some change of bartenders and we have Open link every second week.


After our two week’s break we will come back and celebrate the 4th year’s anniversary of dVerse.

So today let us sit down on the veranda, and bask in the sun. Let’s watch the clouds drift or get some sand between our toes. Summer is a gift to enjoy in the company of books and other friends. Personally I will probably still write some, but read even more.

But tell me, what are your plans to recharge your batteries?
How will you use the summer best?

And of course on behalf of all the bartenders. Enjoy the break, and come back with the best you have.