It is that time of year again. Children in your area have headed back to school recently or are gearing up to start very soon.

Nearly everyone can relate to what it feels like to be inside a classroom and, of course, we all have memories of preparing for this very special time, we remember the feel in the air, the excitement and anxiety, the new clothes and supplies.

For some of us, going back to school is associated with family or national rituals such as the Schultüte (a cone filled with goodies) in Germany, the new uniform in the UK and countries where the British influence can still be felt, the photos parents take on the first day, the new schedule we await with fear and expectations, or the new school and classmates.

So this week, I’d like you to write about going back to school.

Think about what the first day of school evokes for you. Do you have sweet or bitter memories? Does one particular year stand out? Why? Are your children or grandchildren going back soon? What is or was it like to accompany them on their very first day?


First Day At School

A millionbillionwillion miles from home
Waiting for the bell to go. (To go where?)
Why are they all so big, other children?
So noisy? So much at home they
Must have been born in uniform
Lived all their lives in playgrounds
Spent the years inventing games
That don’t let me in. Games
That are rough, that swallow you up.

And the railings.
All around, the railings.
Are they to keep out wolves and monsters?
Things that carry off and eat children?
Things you don’t take sweets from?
Perhaps they’re to stop us getting out
Running away from the lessins. Lessin.
What does a lessin look like?
Sounds small and slimy.
They keep them in the glassrooms.
Whole rooms made out of glass. Imagine.

I wish I could remember my name
Mummy said it would come in useful.
Like wellies. When there’s puddles.
Yellowwellies. I wish she was here.
I think my name is sewn on somewhere
Perhaps the teacher will read it for me.
Tea-cher. The one who makes the tea.

(Roger McGough)


Introducing a New ME!

There’s a new ME this year,
An on-time ME,
A clean-desk ME,
A first-to-hand-in-assignments ME,
A listens-in-class-to-the-teacher ME,
A teacher’s-pet-for-the-first-time-in-my-life ME,
An-always-willing-to-be-good-and help-out ME,
A dead-serious-get-the-work-done-and-hand-it-in Before-it’s-due ME.
The problem is The new ME Is not like ME At all.

(Kalli Dakos)

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