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Hello everyone, Anthony Desmond behind the bar tonight.
Before we get into the prompt, I would like to announce that
I am leaving d’verse. But, some good news! I’ve just been signed
to a publisher, an imprint through Underwater Mountains,
and seeing the dream of my own book(s) finally become a reality.
All my love and appreciation for everyone on the squad,
even those who have come and gone. My faith in the
poetry world was restored when I discovered OneStopPoetry
and followed right along to d’Verse. I’ve always felt like
a part of this family even before I was asked to be a member,
and for that, I am grateful. Stay true and love poetry…

now moving on…

For this week’s poetics, I have a simple and fun challenge.
Below are eight of my own original lines:

Flood me like a lone streetlight amongst the darkness

Craved images of you

A lost love found me, in you

Like a lioness with belladonna in her eyes

Shooting eggs with guns

Fluidity of your presence

Shade like shadow

The heart makes the simplest things so damn complicated

You will write a poem and include at least three lines in it;
there’s no specific topic, just get creative and bring some new life into the lines.

The Rules:

Write a poem that fits the prompt on your blog/webpage
Click the Mr. Linky button, enter your name & direct url to your ONE poem
There you will find other poets’ work for today’s prompt – engage with one another and have a good time learning from each other
Feel free to share using the social media of your choice