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A warm welcome to you all!  This is Gayle and I’ll be your host this evening and will be introducing a poetry form to you for Meeting the Bar.

Soon after I created my blog and started writing poetry, I started looking into the different forms of poetry and began learning about some of the seemingly endless forms that exist.  Much of my instruction has come to me through Shadow Poetry, an online treasure trove of forms that gives detailed directions and examples.  You can find classic poetry styles there as well as newer invented forms.  I’ve also learned through prompts given by individuals within the different writing groups of which I’ve been a member.

Bing Images, Roses:  Public Domain

I’ve found that many times learning a new form can jump-start an idea into my head and provide inspiration.  So today I’m going to present to you the Florette which was created by Jan Turner.  I was unable to find any information on this poet who has invented several styles of poetry.  She also developed the Florette #2 which is an alternative style of the Florette.  But for simplicity sake, we’ll be working with the original.

  1. The Florette consists of two or more four-line stanzas.
  2. Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,a 3. Meter: 8,8,8,12 4.  Fourth line requirement of internal (b) rhyme scheme, on syllable 8. Like the outgrowing of a small flower, the forth line of each stanza is longer, and enwraps the previous lines. Line #4 requires an internal rhyme scheme that rhymes the eighth syllable with the end of line #3, and continues to add on four more syllables than the other lines so that the fourth line ends rhyming with lines #1 and #2.  http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/florette.html

The following is an example by Jan Turner:

The Healing (For Emily)

Perhaps you’d say she slept away
another long hot summer day,
but she’s been fiercely knitting bones
so silence all your undertones that would dismay!

It might appear she’s been undone
but she could still give you a run!
You say she gives impassive stare
but you are simply unaware that she has won.

You cannot judge her anyhow…
just see that sweat upon her brow
as silently she treads along
the path that comes with winter’s song; she can avow.

Her courage you can’t contemplate.
You say it’s simply just her fate
that’s kept her there, in reverie:
incognizant of bravery, you understate.

Copyright © 2009 Jan Turner

I’ve highlighted the internal rhyming that falls on the 8th syllable in line three that will rhyme with the 8th syllable of line four and then line four continues with four more syllables for a total of 12 syllables.  The 12th syllable will then rhyme with lines 1 and 2.

So there are syllables to count and words that need to rhyme.  To assist me in finding words that rhyme I use Rhyme Zone and Grace suggested using B-Rhymes, a source for finding words that almost rhyme but still sound good together.  So use whichever you choose to find what sounds right for your creation.

I hope you will enjoy this challenge and let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any questions or need for clarification.  Gayle ~

Here’s how to participate:

  • Write your Florette.
  • Post it on your blog or website;
  • Click on Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post and enter your name and the direct URL of your post in the spaces provided.
  • Come to the pub and visit other poets’ work. Take time to comment and return visits of your fellow poets.   
  • Most importantly, have fun!