Friends, poets, bartenders

dVerse is now taking a two week’s break and will be preparing for next year. As a matter of fact why don’t you sit down and look back on the past year together with me.

This has been a year of changes. For me, taking over the pub was obviously a big change taking over the pub. Brian and Claudia made us an offer to bring it on, and I’m thankful for all the bartenders (old and new) who have helped us to polish and refine the bar. As a matter of fact we are looking at how we can make it even better. To build the the best community for blogger poetry.

The past year we have introduced more guests trying their hands at bartending (many have later decided to step up as regulars). Personally I think this has helped us build the community I want to see.

We have also introduced the monthly haibun feature and we are thinking of adding more possibilities to write.

Running the bar takes a lot of time, but it also gives a lot back. Without you all the bar would have been closed by now.

So today I wanted to be brief:

Take an opportunity and give some comments on what you feel we should do more, what we should do less. Do you have any ambitions for next year you are willing to share?

But most of all enjoy the rest. Spend time with family, take long walks, and read.

Hasta la vista, baby