Hi everyone!   Here again is our guest prompter for dVerse: Rajani (Thotpurge) who blogs from Bangalore, India at thotpurge.wordpress.com. If you want to learn a little bit more of her, she has been interviewed by Sherry at Poetry United.

If this is your first time to write a haibun, please refer to this post.  Here’s Rajani:

It’s haibun time again and I’d like to offer you lovely folks some mood setting Japanese poetry. These are waka from the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, an anthology of 100 poems compiled in the 13th century, later translated by MacCauley.

Tsuki mireba
Chiji ni mono koso
Kanashi kere
Waga mi hitotsu no
Aki ni wa aranedo
– Oe no Chisato

As I view the moon,
Many things come into my mind,
And my thoughts are sad;
Yet it’s not for me alone,
That the autumn time has come.


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Nageke tote
Tsuki ya wa mono o
Kakochi gao naru
Waga namida kana
– Saigyo Hoshi

Should I blame the moon
For bringing forth this sadness,
As if it pictured grief?
Lifting up my troubled face,
I regard it through my tears.

Something about that mellow moonlight that brings out wistful longing and bitter sweet melancholy as if our hearts speak louder to the silver glow. Perhaps you will let the moon be your muse today.

As always, keep your prose concise and let your haiku shine!

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