Lillian here for today’s Poetics. I’ve met many of you since I first moseyed up to the dVerse pub in March 2015. And those of you who’ve gotten to know me, know I enjoy fancy little umbrellas in my drinks! That is to say, I love pizazz, the sparkly, the bling. I’m in love with life! Never call me retired. I prefer rejuvenated! Give me a dance floor and I’ll put on my tap shoes and do the soft shoe or pound out those great rhythmic time steps I learned long ago.

So for today’s Poetics, I’m asking you to kick up your heels a bit with me! Give me the ole razzle dazzle! Sparkle me with a mood by following these steps:

  1. Absorb the definitions of these words: Razzle: showiness that astonishes; Dazzle: amaze, brightness, brilliance, glare;  Sparkle: effervescence, excel, shine, vivacity, energy, oomph, gusto.
  1. Now write about something or someone or someplace or some experience that portrays the mood of the words. Use the words, one of them, or none of them. But do evoke their mood. Razzle dazzle me!

Here’s some fun photos to get you in the mood.

Only two photos above require credit: sun is by Jenny Erickson. Tinsel is by Elvis Santana. All others are in public domain and need no attribution.

As always, please do observe the “rules of conduct” for dVerse – and for those of you new to dVerse, here’s what we hope everyone does:

  • Write a poem to razzle dazzle us, as the prompt suggests, and post it to your blog. Feel free to add a photo of your choice or one from above.
  • Click on Mr. Linky below to add your name and enter the direct URL to your poem
  • On your blog, please provide a link back to dVerse. This enables others to enjoy our prompts, multiples our readers and thus the responses to everyone’s poems.
  • If you promote your poem on social media, use the tag #dverse poets
  • And most importantly, please do read some of the other responses to the prompt and add a short comment or reaction. Everyone likes to be appreciated! The prompt is “live” for several days – as you’ll notice by the comments you’ll receive – so do stop by another day and read a few of the latecomers too!