May is here and at least in Sweden it’s when we finally have spring. This is when all the strength of soil and seed spring forth. Every day is just another shade of green.

Today I want you to write poetry about soil. To me soil is both the source of life, and destiny for death. Soil is where we come from and soil you’ll be:

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

I both love and hate the scent of mulch. I love the growth and fear decay. I love to walk barefoot in warm dirt, but afterwards I wash my feet.

Soil gives grain for bread, but when the weather fails we die of hunger.
Soil is friend and foe.

There are many synonyms for soil: mulch and compost, dirt and grime, earth and ground all reflect the soil and various values we attribute to its worth.

Soil can be metaphors for land and country, for home and nations. For war and peace and for the roots of trees.

Taste the soil or bite the dust, bring me poetry from what you sense in soil.

Be gravedigger or gardener, be soil of your origin and dig it deep.

When you have written your poem, post it to your blog and link it to Mr. Linky below. Please link directly to your poem and not just to your blog, and please also refer back to dVerse.

Then enjoy the poetry of others. Learn and promote what you love by commenting. We are each other’s soil and grow from comments.