Hello all.  It is Toni once again on the Haibun Trail.  Summer is slowly winding down and this morning, there was a tad bit of cool in the air – which has long since dissipated!  My prompt for you all today, will hopefully make you smile and take you back to middle or high school….what did you do on your summer vacation?

Remember those days of school when the teachers always gave you the assignment “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” ?  I’d listen to kids and later teens droning on and on of visiting grandparents in Wisconsin for the summer, or the family trip to Boone and taking rides on the Tweetsie Railroad or going to Ocean Drive or Myrtle Beach.  Sometimes the family trip would be going out west to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.  Sometimes it would be a thrilling trip to New York City or Charleston.  And sometimes, it would be just staying at home and hanging out over the summer with friends, going to the pool, playing tennis all summer long.  If you are retired, then write about a past vacay or what you did all summer.  I’m retired but I still did stuff!

summer vacation2

summer vacation

What I would like for you all to do is to write a classic haibun (one to three tight paragraphs) with a classic haiku with a seasonal word (it is summer so a season word should be easy).  You can write it in your own words or as if you were a child or high school or college student.  You can write about a vacation you took years ago.  Just follow these rules please:

  1. One to three tight paragraphs
  2. End with a classic haiku using a seasonal word
  3. Must be true
  4. Must have actually happened to you

Easy peasy allergy sneezy – Share with us what you did this summer or twenty summers ago.  It can be funny, sad, factually precise or…Or, if like me, you prefer to take your vacays in the fall or winter, write about that please.  For example, my husband always gives me the gift of two weeks at the beach in January.  That is my vacation.

Put a link on your page directing readers to here.  Read and comment on others’ work – please don’t just link and run.  This is how we learn about others and their adventures.  Post the direct link to your haibun on Mr. Linky.  AND….have fun!

Oh yeah…..Happy Total Eclipse Day!!!!

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