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Lillian here, hosting from our beloved Ptown — Provincetown, at the very tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We’re here for our annual two week sojourn.

Sitting by the calm Atlantic Ocean, in bright sunshine, it’s hard to realize this same ocean has been roiling in the southeastern part of the US. Seems to me that many of us have been inundated by rain lately. India’s monsoons. Hurricanes that ripped apart Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands, Haiti, and Cuba. And we’ve all, at the very least, witnessed these devastating hurricanes, floods and tornadoes from afar, through the news and social media. We’re all ready to rein in Mother Nature….say whoa there…slow down!! Bring her to a stand still and let the sun shine, the winds calm to a gentle breeze and the ocean stop raging. Our hearts ache for those devastated by these recent weather-related disasters.

So the word(s) for today’s poetics: rain, rein, or reign. You must use one, two, or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous with your pen today, all three of these words within the body of your poem. AND the additional caveat (added direction) is that your post must have a positive bent to it. Don’t rain on my parade here….let’s all be upbeat…or at the very least, end on a positive note!


As always, please do observe the “rules of conduct” for dVerse – and for those of you new to dVerse, here’s what we hope everyone does.

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