Hello my Partners-in-Crime Poets! It is Haibun Monday once again. Today I want you all to write me a haibun about why you write the style of poetry you write. Not why you write poetry, but the why of your style. We all have a style that we write or a subject we seem to write about more consistently than others.

Why do you write about dark angry relationships when you are in the most happy and well balanced of relationships? Why do you write Japanese format poetry? Why do you turn every prompt into something political? Why do you write about rose petal soft romance? We all of us have our comfort zone.

What I would like is a haibun about the why. AND I would like for you to write the haibun in non-classic style in your style of poetry. I don’t want a political rant, I want the why of your style. I don’t want a senryu, I want the why. Yes, this one is a bit hard. But I think you all can do it.

By now you know I write mainly haiku – why? Because I like short, to the point,snapshot of a moment in nature. Because I admire the spare style with no metaphors or similes. Perhaps you write metaphor heavy. Then write me a why of your style in your style. I am breaking the rules of this part of the bun of the haibun – the style.

I am not however breaking the rule of the haiku ending. After your style of why you write the way you do, I want you to end the haibun with a classic haiku. Not a 17 syllable three line poem – a haiku with a season word or phrase that gives us the exact when of your haibun. Please….give me a season word or phrase. Not just a 17 syllable micropoem. Your bun section can be in any style. BUT – Give me a classic haiku to end it. Seasons and nature are all around us all of the time.

Give me season words: pumpkin, apple, sleet, Virgo, hot day, golden wheat, red leaves…anything that tells us the when. This is a haiku:

summer clouds drifting
sudden rain falls – ditches flood –
cooling the hot grass

This is not a haiku:

stars glisten at night.
silent as dust light falls
upon us everyone

Season words in the first haiku. No season words in the second senryu or micropoem.

If you write using rhythm and rhymes, then if you want to, write the haibun in rhythm and rhyme telling us why. If you write constantly of poltics, write the why of it is always political to you and negative to boot! If you make up words and write of the moon, then give us the why in your style. Just….end with a classic haiku. I want the why and the when of your poem. If you write about the English countryside or New York pizzarias or rust, give me the why. I am curious!

The Rules for this Haibun Prompt: 1) why? 2) Make it short – for a poem style haibun, make it 14 or fewer lines plus the three lines for the classic haiku. 3)For the Classic haibun style, make it one tight paragraph plus the classic haiku at the end. Male it real, make it honest, make it funny. And most importantly, the last rule of this haibun prompt: 4) Say thank you to the person who writes in a complimentary fashion of your haibun. When a friend treats you to lunch, do you eat in silence and leave without saying thank you? When someone shares the bounty of their garden, do you take it and walk away without saying thank you?

Link your poem to Mr. Linky (not your entire website but the haibun you wish us to read). Put a link to this post so others can read and enjoy and hopefully, decide to participate. Say Thank you.

Optional: Post a snapshot of you, your dog, a leaf, anything. Haiku is a snapshot of a time in nature. Post a snapshot you took! Doesn’t matter if it relates to the haibun. Just share a little piece of you. Oh and have fun with this!