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Lillian here, hosting today’s Poetics at dVerse.

As some of you may know, since our rejuvenatement (never say retirement) my husband and I have traveled quite a bit – mainly by cruising – which we never ever thought we would enjoy. We’ve found it a wonderful way to explore the world and get a taste of places we would not see otherwise. In January 2019, we will fly into Santiago, Chile and take a day’s drive to Valparaiso, stopping along the way to enjoy the countrside and sites. We’ll spend five days exploring Valparaiso before boarding our ship. We’re told the city’s street art is a must-see. Which got me to thinking . . . what do street artists have in mind when they paint their scenes? How do people view it/interpret it? Does it appear to have a different meaning three years after it’s painted? Four? Seven?  Is there a message within the painting?

For today’s poetics, I’ve selected five street art images posted at Pixabay.com
Pick one and be inspired by it! Let the image be your starting point and jump off into the world of creativity with your words. Maybe you’re imagining the artist’s life, intent, perspective. Or maybe you’ll actually place yourself IN the street art image. Or perhaps the image will spark a memory or an idea; or catapult you into a make-believe place, event or time. The only requirement for today’s Poetics is that you post the image you’re writing about. You can simply click on one of the images below and copy/paste it to your blog. No attribution necessary since images are from Pixabay.com and in public domain. Looking forward to walking down the street with you!

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