Hello All! Welcome to Haibun Monday! This is one of my favorite prompts here at dVerse. We all make plans – plans for our lives, our work, our education, and hopefully for our writing. What I would like you all to do is to write about your plans for your writing. In the last Quadrille Monday, in which the prompted word was “Rock”, I threw out my plans for my writing:
throwing rocks
A boy with a rock slew a giant years ago.
What is your giant?
What will you slay today?
Intolerance? Racism? Hunger?
Sexual abuse? Animal cruelty?
My poems are my rocks.
I am letting them loose today.
Let loose the brave poems.
*Yūkan’na koto.
*Japanese for: be brave as in bushido”

With that in mind, I have many plans for my writing: I will be working on a book of haibun, I will be brave both in my writing and my comments, I will start using some devices I have not used before – such as metaphors, I will be joining a circle of writers (many of whom are professional or teachers of writing) who give honest critiques (not the polite comments which validate us or worship our worship our writing). I will be visiting other writing sites and not just those “safe” ones. I am going to be very busy. I am also going to be going to Duke Universtiy to get my fourth degree (I have three and I prefer even numbers to odd ones). So I am going to be very very busy!

With that in mind, I am going to be stepping down from being a regular staff member of dVerse. I just won’t have the time. Since my mother died in June of this year from a long and excruciating illness, I have been restless in my soul. In my body as well. I am taking the old Ducati out of storage and getting it road ready. My husband is excited about this because he thinks I will allow him to ride it – hah! And for those of you who are smirking and saying,”thank goodness the picky badering witch will be gone”…well, I am just leaving the staff. I am not leaving dVerse. They are too good in their craft and their attitudes for me to break away from.

As part of my “throwing rocks”, I will have the freedom to actually really comment on poems instead of the polite mouthings we all do. So! And for those of you who like me, I will still be around. I will still be encouraging and supportive of your work.

So: write for me a haibun of one to two tight paragraphs and end it with a senryu, micropoem or haiku (remember, the haiku must have a seasonal reference in it otherwise, it is a senryu or micropoem. Share with us your plans and dreams for your writing. Post it on your blog site and then link the url on Mr. Linky. Also please post the link back to dVerse so others can follow the trail back here and read.

I look forward to seeing you all out on the poetry path, or in my walks in the woods, or roaring down the road on my Ducati, or in my studies at Duke. I wish you all to live long and prosper! and start throwing some of your own rocks. Let’s break a few windows! Be brave. Yūkan’na koto!!!