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I Once Used an Earthquake—dVerse MTB: Symbolism

Browsing some of my very old poems, I ran across one in which I used an earthquake to stand in for fear of change. I suspect if you scan some of your own work, you will discover your penchant for SYMBOLISM. As poets and writers of any ilk, we often turn to symbolism, to express the depth of our thoughts and beliefs.

Here, in the city I call home, we are in the throes of welcoming winter: a bit of snow yesterday and frigid temperatures with wind expected all week. The leaves have, for the most part, fallen and been raked. The trees show off their nakedness.

During my morning coffee/quiet time, I think of my own impending winter. Autumn is creeping away and I find freedom in clearing out what is no longer useful, both materially and spiritually. We often use the seasons, consciously or unconsciously, to reflect the stages of my life.

When we write symbolically, we choose something tangible to convey a more abstract concept or a mood/emotion. Rather than just saying something outright, the poet or writer uses, for example, autumn to convey later mid-life or a spider to express fear. You may find it helpful to turn HERE for an extensive list of literary symbols to guide you in the poem I ’m looking for in this prompt: express and idea, emotion or mood symbolically without saying anything directly.

So, for today’s prompt, please get symbolic, using any form you like. Please do be sure you poem uses symbolism. We ask that everyone, always, comply with the requirements of the prompt. Thank you.

To join in:
• Write your SYMBOLIC poem and post it on your website. Please include a link to dVerse in your post. We would like to spread the word.
• Copy and paste the direct URL of your poem into Mr. Linky at the bottom of this page.
• Return to the pub to read other participants and comment on their work. Part of our goal is to create community and encourage one another.
• Enjoy the wonderful process of writing poetry.

For dVerse, this is Victoria, looking forward to reading and commenting on your poems. The weekend is just around the corner—have some fun and be safe.