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Burning Inspiration—dVerse Quadrille #51

I have no idea how this Quadrille prompt came to me—it just flared up and is BURNing to play with us this week. The word, BURN, lends itself to so many uses:

• A noun: In our part of Nevada we have a number of prescribed burns to control wild fires.
• Or a verb: I burn for you, baby.
• A gerund: The wild-fire, burning out of control, was human caused.
• An adjective: The burned patch on the mountain is a sad reminder…

How about a slow burn, fast burn, heart burn, muscle burn? Have you ever been to Burning Man? That’s in my neighborhood and you don’t want to go shopping at Costco the weekend before, like I did once—it’s crawling with burners. I could go on and on but now it’s in your hands.

To join in, write your Quadrille—a poem of exactly 44 words, excluding the title—and use the word BURN or a variation thereof in the body of the poem. Post it on your blog then copy and paste the URL for your work into Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. Include a link to the prompt in your post and on your social media sites. Then, because this is a community, return to dVerse and visit other poets, commenting on their work.

I look forward to reading each of your poems that, hopefully, will burn some poetic energy into my psyche—it needs a boost.

For dVerse Poets, this is Victoria. As a special treat today at the pub, my personal chef, David, will flame up some cherries jubilee for you to go with your choice of beverage. Too bad it’s so virtual.

For those who aren’t familiar with Burning Man, it is a counter-cultural art festival that takes place about the first week of September (Labor Day) in Black Rock Desert, about 90 miles north of Reno. Incredible art, free-spirited everything else!