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‘Building the Bridge’ by Claire Shuttleworth

Good evening fellow pub-crawling poets, it’s Amaya Engleking here to host and to let you know you’re going to need a couple of reading materials, a whole lot of cement, and it will help if you’re not afraid of heights.

Have you ever seen or participated in those silly challenges that ask you to grab the second to top book on your nightstand, turn to page 111 and copy the fifth sentence of the third paragraph — NO CHEATING! –? Clearly, there’s no point but to have a little fun and perhaps be a little snoopy, but I always liked to look at the spaces formed by the random sentences entered, like abstract art, and see if I could connect them somehow or just treat myself to some brain candy. So friends, let’s don our hard hats and build bridges for this evening’s Meeting the Bar challenge.

Select two quotes from two different books, could be poetry, prose, technical, non-fiction, anything. You decide whether you want them recklessly random (as in the above scenario) or slightly/significantly more intentional. Then, construct a poem using one quote as the opening line and the other as the closing line. The blood, sweat, and tears will come while filling in the space between.

You may modify the quotes to fit your poem’s rhythm or rhyme scheme, but just be sure to provide the original quotes, authors, and works in a postscript. That’s it for the engineering guidelines that must be followed! See you on the other side…

To participate, write a poem based on the prompt and publish it on your blog. Mention the challenge and link back to this site so your readers can join in too. Add your poem’s URL to the Mr Linky tool below. There you will see all the other links of the participants. Read them and comment and feel free to join in the friendly pub-talk below, as well!